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Mascherina Igienica Protettiva Bianco - SmartDecoHome

Protective hygienic mask in white washable antibacterial fabric made in Italy

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Protective Hygienic Mask

This protective hygienic mask consists of two layers of TENCEL® and an internal polyurethane membrane that acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting the user from direct contamination.

The polyurethane membrane makes the fabric waterproof, while still allowing perspiration.

TENCEL®, from which the 2 external layers are made, is a naturally hygienic fiber and guarantees optimal conditions for the skin: TENCEL® is soft and soft to the touch, offering an extremely comfortable contact surface.

TENCEL® is of natural origin, because it is extracted from wood from renewable forestry, it prevents the growth of bacteria, naturally and without adding chemical additives.

TENCEL® prevents the growth of bacteria, naturally and without the addition of chemical additives.

It is proven that TENCEL® is the most hygienic natural fiber.

The moisture control capability of TENCEL® nano-fibrils produces a beneficial effect in contact with the skin.

By decreasing humidity, bacterial growth also stops, making it more difficult for mold and mites to develop.

All this is achieved without the addition of chemicals , which would harm sensitive skin.


  1. Avoid receiving another person's secretions directly.
  2. Avoid spreading secretions that we emit while talking, coughing, or sneezing.
  3. Avoid contaminating surfaces with our secretions.
  4. Avoid touching the mucous membranes of your nose or mouth while wearing the mask.


The mask is designed to allow you to breathe comfortably through the sides.

It is NOT a personal protective equipment (PPE)

It is NOT a medical device.

The purpose of our mouth cover is simply hygienic and aesthetic.


Fabric: 100% TENCEL®

Inside : 100% Polyurethane



We recommend washing at 90-95°C for 3 minutes before first use.

To improve the effectiveness, make sure it is well immersed in water and avoid air bubbles.

This treatment can be repeated numerous times: the mask will keep its characteristics unchanged for a long time! The mask can be used for 8-10 hours before each subsequent wash and it is advisable to replace it after 50-60 washes.